Federal Wildland Firefighter Salaries And Expenses

Agency NameDepartment of Agriculture
Funding Amount$480,000,000.00
Bureau Name Forest Service
Funding Mechanism Direct Federal Spending
New? No
Funding Mechanism Direct Federal Spending

Funding Amount Notes

Period of Availability Available until expended
Recipients Forest Service Funding
Program Description To address the increasing complexity and severity of fire years the Forest Service will create a more permanent workforce by converting no fewer than 1,000 seasonal wildland firefighters to wildland fire managers that are full-time, permanent and year-round while also holding responsibilities for reducing hazardous fuels on Federal land. Additionally in recognition of the significant risk and arduous duties of firefighters we will create a more competitive compensation package for wildland firefighters by increasing the base salary of Federal wildland firefighters.
Eligible Uses For firefighters that are located within a specified geographic area where it is difficult to recruit or to retain Federal wildland firefighters.
Statutory Location Division J, Title VI
Federal Cost Share Requirement No non-Federal cost share required