Geographic Programs - Columbia River Basin Restoration Program

Agency NameEnvironmental Protection Agency
Funding Amount$79,000,000.00
Bureau Name Environmental Programs and Management
Funding Mechanism Grant
New? No
Funding Mechanism Grant

Funding Amount Notes

Period of Availability Available until expended
Recipients Broad Eligibilities
Program Description This program is intended to improve water quality in the Lower Columbia River Basin through specific actions to reduce toxics, increase monitoring, and/or increase public education and outreach. The Columbia River Basin Restoration Program will assist Tribal, State and local governments; non-government entities, and others as they implement the Columbia River Basin Toxics Reduction Action Plan and the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan and conduct activities to support Environmental Protection Agency national goals for the Columbia River Basin.
Eligible Uses Cleaning up contaminated sites, reducing runoff, monitoring and improving water quality, habitat protection, education, reducing stormwater and agricultural runoff, pollution prevention, implementing agricultural best management practices.
sam.gov link https://sam.gov/fal/7bf4d1d38460496d985b109539404792/view
Statutory Location Division J, Title VI
Federal Cost Share Requirement Yes