Geographic Programs - Northwest Forest

Agency NameEnvironmental Protection Agency
Funding Amount$4,000,000.00
Bureau Name Environmental Programs and Management
Funding Mechanism Grants and Interagency Agreements
New? No
Funding Mechanism Grants and Interagency Agreements

Funding Amount Notes

Period of Availability Available until expended
Recipients Limited Eligibilities: Federal
Program Description The Northwest Forest Geographic Program addresses water quality impairments from non-point sources related to pacific northwest forest practices and works to improve the quality and quantity of surface water so that beneficial uses and drinking water/source water protection goals are met. Climate change is increasing the demands on the program due to the increase of catastrophic wildfire and resulting impacts to water quality and municipal drinking water.
Eligible Uses Monitoring of aquatic and riparian management in the Northwest Forest Plan; groundwater restoration to improve sources of drinking water; post-wildfire water quality monitoring; education and capacity-building for States and drinking water providers.
Statutory Location Division J, Title VI
Federal Cost Share Requirement Yes