Geographic Programs - Puget Sound

Agency NameEnvironmental Protection Agency
Funding Amount$89,000,000.00
Bureau Name Environmental Programs and Management
Funding Mechanism Grant
New? No
Funding Mechanism Grant

Funding Amount Notes

Period of Availability Available until expended
Recipients Broad Eligibilities
Program Description Puget Sound has been designated as one of 28 estuaries of National Significance under section 320 of the Clean Water Act. The goal of the National Estuary Program is to attain and maintain water quality in designated estuaries that will assure protection of public water supplies and the protection and propagation of a balanced, indigenous population of shellfish, fish and wildlife and allows recreational activities in and on the water. The Puget Sound National Estuary Program's approved Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, the Action Agenda, has a goal to restore and maintain the Puget Sound Estuary's environment by meeting 2018-2022 ecosystem targets.
Eligible Uses Ecosystem and wetland restoration, stormwater treatment and control, nature-based infrastructure, community resilience, resilient shorelines, and environmental education, Tribal support.
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Statutory Location Division J, Title VI
Federal Cost Share Requirement Yes