Motor Carrier Safety Operations and Programs

Agency NameDepartment of Transportation
Funding Amount$1,925,000,000.00
Bureau Name Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Funding Mechanism Administrative Expenses
New? No
Funding Mechanism Administrative Expenses

Funding Amount Notes

Period of Availability Mixture of Available until expended, but annually appropriated, and 4-year funding
Recipients N/A
Program Description The Operations and Programs account provides the necessary resources to support program and administrative activities to include salaries and benefits for motor carrier safety personnel.
Eligible Uses Funding supports motor carrier safety and consumer enforcement, along with Federal safety enforcement at U.S. borders to ensure foreign-domiciled trucks entering the U.S. are in compliance with safety regulations. Resources are also provided to fund regulatory development and implementation, investment in research and technology with a focus on research regarding highly automated vehicles and related technology, and information technology and information management. link
Statutory Location 23001
Federal Cost Share Requirement No non-Federal cost share required