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National Dam Safety Program

Agency NameDepartment of Homeland Security
Funding Amount$215,000,000.00
Bureau Name Federal Emergency Management Agency
Funding Mechanism Grant, Direct Federal Spending.
New? No
Funding Mechanism Grant, Direct Federal Spending.

Funding Amount Notes

Period of Availability $148,000,000 available until expended; $67,000,000 available until September 30, 2026
Recipients States
Program Description To encourage the establishment and maintenance of effective State programs intended to ensure dam safety, to protect human life and property, and to improve State dam safety programs. The National Dam Safety Program is a partnership of States, Federal agencies and other stakeholders to encourage and promote the establishment and maintenance of effective Federal and State dam safety programs to reduce the risk to human life and property.
Eligible Uses Eligible activities are those that 1) Reduce risks to life and property associated with dams; 2) Increase awareness of the risks associated with dams and the benefit of State dam safety programs; and 3) Advance the State of practice of dam safety and dam risk management. Examples include conducting dam safety inspections, performing condition assessments of dams, development of Emergency Action Plans, implementing regulatory enforcement actions, conducting public awareness and outreach activities, and professional development for dam safety officials and dam owners. link
Statutory Location Division J, Title V