Research Supercomputing

Agency NameDepartment of Commerce
Funding Amount$80,000,000.00
Bureau Name National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Funding Mechanism Contract, Cooperative Agreement
New? No
Funding Mechanism Contract, Cooperative Agreement

Funding Amount Notes

Period of Availability 3 years
Recipients Public Higher-Ed Institutions, Federal Partners, Businesses
Program Description National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Research and Development High Performance Computing funds will be used to provide computational resources to support and advance environmental modeling crucial for understanding critical Earth systems.
Eligible Uses The research supercomputing plan will be prioritized across the focus areas of weather and climate model development to improve drought, flood, and wildfire prediction, detection, and forecasting. Funds will support high performance computing systems, associated storage devices, advanced data communications hardware and software engineering services, security, and necessary data center space. link
Statutory Location Division J, Title II
Federal Cost Share Requirement No non-Federal cost share required